Hesketh Bank Community Centre


Our main building is divided in to two, independent smaller halls – the Baldwin Room and the larger Ellis Suite.

Both can be reserved by the hour at the following rates:



Standard Rate

Charity Rate*

Ellis Suite(14m x 9m)
Upto 120 people
£15 p/h
£12 p/h
Baldwin Room(6.6m x 5.5m)
Upto 40 people
£12 p/h
£9 p/h

*To be eligible for the charity rate you must present evidence of your charitable status at the time of booking.


We can also offer our regular users on-site storage. Space is limited so it be will allocated on a strictly first come basis.

Storage Type

What it is

Price per month

Your items are kept in our large storage room along with other users’ equipment.
Your items are kept in a locked cupboard to which only you and the Community Centre management have access.

For more information or to book a tour, please contact our Booking Secretary on 07784 942127 or bookings@heskethbankcommunitycentre.org.uk