Hesketh Bank Community Centre

Community Centre hosts Cafe

Hesketh Bank Community Centre has expanded its offering to host a Community Cafe every Friday.

The Cafe, which is run by local charity, Hesketh Bank and Tarleton Helpers with initial support from the Birchwood Centre, launched on Friday 4th February using food that was destined to be thrown away by local supermarkets plus flowers donated by Tarleton Florist, The Window Box.  Almost thirty visitors were treated to a tasty vegan soup and a selection of breads and the group hopes to expand this to a three course meal going forward.

Chairman of Hesketh Bank Community Centre, Steve Kirby, explained “We are delighted to be hosting such a worthwhile project, where local people can share a meal together in a warm and friendly atmosphere and at the same time help to reduce food waste that would otherwise go to landfill.  Community building projects like this have always been part of our vision for the new Community Centre”.

There is also a shop running at the same time as the Cafe each Friday between 12noon and 2pm, where anything not served up can be taken away for personal use, and visitors are asked to simply ‘pay what you feel’.